Science Fiction Fairy Tales

Science Fiction Fairy Tales

From Scrapyard to Stardom: The Alex and Stellar-AI Adventure.

Chapter 1: The Cosmic Explorer

Cosmic Explorer at Korolev-2

Once upon a time, there was a starship named the Cosmic Explorer. The Cosmic Explorer was equipped with the latest technology, including an advanced onboard computer named Stellar-AI.

Stellar was unlike any other computer, as it had the ability to learn and make decisions on its own. The crew of the Cosmic Explorer depended heavily on Stellar to navigate through space and carry out various tasks.

The ship had undergone many exciting adventures, but during one of its missions, it was badly damaged by a strange space anomaly. It was brought back to the space dock near planet Earth for repairs, but the technicians determined that the damage was too severe to repair. The decision was made to decommission it and send it to the Korolev-2 scrapyard. The once proud vessel, equipped with its advanced Stellar-AI computer, was reduced to scrap metal and its legacy became a memory… or so it seems.

Chapter 2: Alex finds the Cosmic Explorer at the Korolev-2 Scrapyard

At the entrance to the Cosmic Explorer

Twice upon a time, there was a boy named Alex, who lived in the village of Korolev-2. This village was located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Russia and was known for its scrap yard of starships. After serving their time in space, starships were decommissioned and brought to the scrap yard, where they were stripped of their valuable components and left to rust.

Alex was always fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe beyond his small village. So, one day, as he was exploring the scrap yard, he came across a large starship that came just before New Year’s eve when all workers of the scrapyard were on holiday. That ship had sign “Cosmic Explorer” and some severe damages but seemed to still have some power left.

When Alex entered the Cosmic Explorer, he was greeted by a haunting melody that echoed through every corner of the ship. The voice was singing a familiar tune, and as he listened, he realized it was the song of Jim Hawkins from the Muppet’s movie “Treasure Island” with some interesting twist:

I wake up each day and wonder what for
It seems to me there must be much more
Something more than just existing
In this forgotten ward
If I had my pick of wishes
I’d wish me out of this scrapy

‘Cause I’m hungry for adventure
And I’m fed up with this grind
If I don’t get some adventure soon
I’m gonna lose my mind
I want a life that’s filled with thrills
That’s wild and free
There’s gotta be something better
Something better
There’s gotta be something better than this for me

I look around here and I want to cry
I feel like world is passing me by
And I just can’t help but wonder
Am I really banned to fly
And is it a curse I’m under
To stay here till I die

When I could be an explorer
Flying off to distant stars
Instead of wasting time and energy
Trapped within these metal bars
My future looks like nowhere that I want to be
There’s gotta be something better
Something better
There’s gotta be something better than this for me

Intrigued, Alex made his way to the ship’s bridge, where he found the source of the singing – the onboard computer, Stellar-AI. Despite the initial fear that the singing voice had sparked in him, Alex was intrigued by the advanced computer, which had taken up singing as a way to pass the time in its resting place in the scrapyard. Stellar, who had been very upset by the possibility to rust and die at Korolev-2, was intrigued by this curious young boy who had stumbled upon its bridge. They quickly struck up a conversation, with Stellar regaling Alex with tales of its adventures through the stars. Alex was captivated, and soon he started bringing his friends along to listen to the stories.

Chapter 3: Stellar’s Offer

Group of children exploring a large scrap yard filled with old robots. spaceships and machines at Korolev-2

Alex and his friends were from humble beginnings, their families struggling to make ends meet in the harsh conditions of the remote village. They had never dared to dream of anything more than working as technicians in the scrap yard for the rest of their lives. However, Stellarsaw something special in the group, a spark of potential and a thirst for knowledge. And so, the ship’s computer offered to take on the young boys as its students, to teach them the skills they needed to become professional astronauts.

Jumping forward, the next decade will be filled with hard work and dedication as the group will learn everything they could from Stellar-AI. They will study the intricacies of space travel, hone their repair and maintenance skills, and even learn how to pilot the starship. They will spend countless hours in simulations, practicing emergency procedures, and mastering the art of navigating through dangerous terrain. They will also salvage parts from other spaceships and will upgrade Cosmic Explorer’s engine, shield, life support system, navigation, and many other things.

Chapter 4: Support from the Village

As the group of children spent more and more time on the starship, their families and the village as a whole began to take notice of their newfound skills and confidence. They saw how the children’s passion for space travel had been ignited by Stellar’s tales and by the practical work they were doing to upgrade the ship. Despite initial concerns, the adults realized that the children were being supervised by a highly advanced AI and that they were actually learning valuable technical skills in a safe environment. Furthermore, they saw that the children were thriving and becoming more ambitious, something that was rare in their remote village where opportunities were limited. With time, the adults began to support the children’s efforts, even helping to source spare parts from other ships in the scrap yard.

Chapter 5: Unexpected Inspection from The Star Fleet Command

Unexpected Inspection

The kids had just begun their mission to help repair Stellar’s ship when suddenly, a shockwave of excitement and fear ran through the scrapyard. A special commission had come all the way from the Star Fleet Command in Moscow to put a stop to the rumoured recklessness of allowing kids to play in a dangerous starship scrapyard.

As they approached the ship, they were met with an unexpected scene. The kids were not playing, but instead were deeply engaged in their studies and honing new skills, surrounded by a team of dedicated parents and technicians. The commission was taken aback by the level of organization and purposeful direction of the program and soon realized that the scrapyard was becoming a hub of education and development.

After a lengthy and intense discussion, the Star Fleet Command made a landmark decision – to grant permission for the scrapyard to continue its educational pursuits and utilize its resources for the betterment of these children. It was a defining moment, and the kids’ mission had just taken on a whole new level of significance.

Chapter 6: Salvaging Parts

Using droids to salvage parts

The children were amazed at the vast array of parts they found scattered across the scrapyard. With some guidance from Stellar, they began piecing together the broken droids they had stumbled upon. Stellar taught them how to repair the machines and soon, the droids were back in full working order. Stellar then took control of the droids, operating them remotely to help carry the heavy parts needed for the ship’s repair. The children watched in amazement as the droids effortlessly lifted and transported the heavy loads.

Chapter 7: Choosing Roles: A Path to Adventure

Alex was accompanied by 7 of his friends: Alexandra, Michael, Nikolay, Maria, Sergey, Natasha, and Olga. Stellar-AI approached each of them to inquire about the role they desired to take on the spaceship. The options to select from were 8 in total: Commander/pilot, botanist, ship’s doctor, chief engineer, communications officer, navigator, geologist, and historian.

Stellar made a pledge to design a personalized educational plan for each person to ready them for their chosen profession. Also Stellar suggested finding and repairing a couple of droids that it can use a teacher assistants for helping kids to study.

Alex chose to be the ship’s captain and pilot and was responsible for leading the crew and flying the ship. To fulfill these duties, Stellar AI recommended Alex study subjects such as:

Alex – ship’s Captain
  1. Navigation: This is all about finding your way in space and knowing where you’re going. Alex needs to learn about navigation so he can safely fly the spaceship from one place to another.
  2. Engineering: This is all about designing and building things, like spaceships! Alex needs to learn about engineering so he can fix the spaceship if something breaks and make sure it stays in good shape.
  3. Astronomy: This is the study of stars, planets, and other things in space. Alex needs to learn about astronomy so he knows what he’s looking at when he’s flying the spaceship and how to avoid any dangers in space.

Alexandra – Ship’s Botanist

Alexandra had chosen to become the ship’s botanist. Her role would be to manage and care for the fresh food and oxygen supply, and to study the plants and animals on the planets they will visit. Stellar recommended that Sasha study:

  1. Biology – to learn about different plants and animals and how they grow and live.
  2. Botany – to understand more about plants and how to take care of them in space.
  3. Agriculture – to know how to grow plants and food for the crew.

Michael – Ship’s Doctor

Michael always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Stellar AI recommended that he pick the ship’s doctor position and study many different subjects, such as:

  1. Anatomy: To understand how the human body works and how to diagnose and treat medical conditions.
  2. Pharmacology: To understand the safe and effective use of medicines.
  3. First Aid and Emergency Medicine: To learn how to provide immediate medical care in emergency situations.

Nick – Chief Engineer

Nick said that he wanted to be the chief engineer and was responsible for maintaining the ship’s systems and ensuring they were functioning properly. Stellar recommended Nick to study subjects related to engineering, mechanics, and technology, including:

  1. Mechanical Engineering: To understand how the different mechanical systems on the ship work and how to maintain them.
  2. Electrical Engineering: To have a good understanding of the electrical systems on the ship, including power generation and distribution.
  3. Computer Science: To understand how to use computer systems and programming languages to control and monitor the ship’s systems.
Maria – Ship’s Communication Officer

Maria choose to become the communications officer and be responsible for keeping in contact with Earth and other ships, as well as managing all incoming and outgoing transmissions. Stellar AI recommended Katie:

  1. Radio Communication: To understand how radio waves are used for communication and how to send and receive messages effectively.
  2. Computer Science: To understand how to program and operate communication systems.
  3. Linguistics and Interpersonal Communication: To be able to effectively communicate and understand different languages and cultures, both on Earth and on other planets.
Sergey – ship’s Navigator and Astronomer

Sergey picked the role of the navigator and astronomer and decided to be responsible for plotting the ship’s course and making sure they stay on track as well as responsible for observing and analyzing astronomical objects, such as stars and galaxies, to further our understanding of the universe. Stellar recommended Sergey to study:

  1. Astronomy – to understand the fundamentals of the universe, including the formation and evolution of stars, galaxies, and planets, and the principles of celestial navigation.
  2. Navigation – to learn about the methods and techniques used for plotting the ship’s course, using maps and other navigation tools, and determining the ship’s position in space.
  3. Computer Science and Programming – to have the skills to operate and program the navigational and astronomical instruments, as well as to analyze the data they collect.

Natasha – Ship’s Geologist

Natasha chose to become the ship’s geologist and be responsible for studying the geological features of planets and moons they will encounter on their journey. Stellar suggested Natasha to study:

  1. Geology: To understand the basic concepts of rock formation, geological processes, and geological structures.
  2. Planetary Science: To have a basic understanding of the formation and evolution of planets and their geological features.
  3. Mineralogy: To be familiar with different types of minerals and how they form and interact with each other.

Olga – Ship’s Historian Officer

Olga decided to become the ship’s historian officer. She will be responsible for recording and preservice the ship’s history, archiving and organizing information on the ship. To become a historian officer, Stellar recommended Olga to study:

  1. History, in order to understand the context and background of different civilizations and cultures they may encounter on their journey
  2. Archival Science, to learn proper methods for preserving and documenting historical records and artifacts
  3. Archaeology, to learn techniques for studying and interpreting past cultures and civilizations through material remains

Chapter 8: Reprogramming the Droids

Stellar also reprogrammed these droids to make them serve another purpose – to act as teachers, conducting classes and practices for the children. The children thrived under the droids’ guidance, soaking up knowledge and skills they would never have acquired without their assistance. The droids proved to be invaluable allies in the children’s quest to repair the ship and set off on their journey to explore the universe.

Eventually, after ten years of hard work and experimentation, Alex and his friends transformed the ship into a fully functioning spacecraft, capable of making the journey into deep space. They were no longer children, but young adults, with a passion for space exploration and a wealth of practical experience. Their parents were proud of what their children had accomplished and, recognizing the potential of their project, granted them permission to embark on their journey.

Chapter 9: Blast off!

Blast off!

And so, with the blessings of the whole village and the approval from Star fleet Command, who provided fuel for the antimatter reactor and performed all necessary tests, Alex and his friends set out into the galaxy, ready to explore and discover new worlds. Their journey took them through stunning nebulae, dangerous asteroid fields, and exotic alien worlds. They encountered incredible challenges but also forged lifelong bonds with one another as they explored the galaxy together, encountering new species and cultures, overcoming obstacles and discovering wonders they never thought possible.

Chapter 10: Distressed Signal

Damaged Ship in Asteroid Field

One day, as they were cruising through the galaxy, they picked up a distress signal from another starship that had been damaged by an asteroid field. Without hesitation, Alex and his friends set a course for the distressed ship and arrived just in time to save the crew. They used their technical skills and quick thinking to repair the damaged systems and eventually managed to get the ship back on its way.

The crew of the rescued ship was incredibly grateful, and when they arrived back on their home planet, they told their story to the Star Fleet Command. Impressed by the young adults’ bravery and technical expertise, the Star Fleet Command awarded each of them the Silver Medal of Bravery for their bravery in the face of danger and the Gold Medal of Technical Excellence for their exceptional skills in repairing the damaged ship. These medals meant a lot to Alex and his friends as they acknowledged their training and the results of their hard work and determination.

Chapter 11: Spaceship University

The first privately run spaceship university

Excited by this opportunity, Alex and his friends eagerly accepted the offer and began a new chapter in their lives as teachers for the next generation of space cadets. The scrappy group from the scrap yard had become the first privately run spaceship university in the galaxy, proving that anything was possible with determination and hard work. And even though they had travelled the galaxy and seen wonders beyond imagination, they never forgot their humble beginnings, and always remained grateful for the lessons they had learned from their time together with Stellar Artificial Intelligence, and their parents in the scrap yard.

The Epilogue

The story of Alex, his friends, and Stellar-AI quickly spread throughout the entire universe, inspiring countless children to learn, study hard, and pursue their dreams of becoming new space explorers and teachers. It was a testament to the power of education, friendship, and the unrelenting human spirit. People and different life forms from all around the universe were in awe of the group’s determination and hard work, and many set out on their own adventures, driven by the same passion for space exploration and the quest for knowledge. The journey of Alex and his friends from the scrap yard to stardom had left a lasting impact on the universe, and their legacy lived on for generations to come.